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HC Cargo


Holger Christiansen was founded in 1963 in Denmark, as the main office is located in Esberg. The company has over 40 years experience as a supplier of auto parts and is a preferred and reliable partner for many companies worldwide. During all these years, the company is constantly developing the range and quality of products offered under the brand Cargo.


General warehouse and production facilities of the company are extends over 50,000 square meters, and in the company e are working more than 650 employees.


Deep product range of Cargo, including over 30 000 different items is a inexhaustible source for a specialist in electronics, repair shops and all their potential needs - from parts to accessories.


Unending quest to deliver to their trading partners all products they need quickly and with distinctive high quality made ​​over the years by Cargo leading international supplier of Auto. 


In Holger Christiansen words like perfect quality and quality assurance are not just empty phrases.


All spare parts that Cargo offers are subject to extensive quality control and only those who fully meet the standards reach ​​to the customers.


Holger Christiansen system is certified to ISO 9000 and more recently in the system TS16949:2002.


The parts that Holger Christiansen-CARGO produces you can find in our stores are:


  • starters

  • alternators

  • compressors

  • DC motors

  • diesel equipment

  • clutch starters, plugs, holders

  • switches

  • bushes

  • O-rings circlips, stop pulleys, gears

  • reducers

  • rectifiers

  • diode trios

  • diode blocks

  • brushes, brush holders, springs

  • Ball, needle and roller bearings

  • rotor

  • stator, stator windings

  • Repair Kits

  • collector rings

  • pulleys

  • voltage regulators, voltage indicators

  • Relay-injection pumps

  • heating relays

  • Ignition Coils

  • all sensors

  • oxygen sensors

  • Battery cable


The Auto Electronic is increasingly used in automotive by implementing features for safe, clean and economical driving.
The work of modern cars is widely associated with the Auto Electronics. The Auto electronic is applied to control the electron flow, manipulation of information and control different devices.


The Alternator (the Generator) produces electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical.
The alternator has a function to produce a constant energy at different speeds.
The generator charges the battery and the electrical system, when the engine starts.
The main components of the alternator are: rotor, stator, pulley, voltage regulator, diode unit and brush holder.


The Starter converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Elements of the starter are: rotor, stator, clutch starter, breaker, brush holders.


The Ignition coil (induction coil) powers the spark plugs with spark needed to ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. The Ignition coil provides high voltage source for each cylinder in the engine.
The Ignition coil is a durable power transformer, which contains primary and secondary windings of the ignition system.